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Whether you’re looking to get your company BOI Registered, want additional Visas & Workpermits for your team or need advice, Egent is here to help.

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BOI Services

Getting your business 100% certified by the Board Of Investment Thailand.

(BOI ) Visa & Workpermit

Securing Visas and Workpermits for foreign employees.


 We can professionally guide you through any step of the process.

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BOI Registration & Accreditation Service

Getting your business registered under the BOI Investment Inifitaive brings many benefits to your business if you’re considering doing business in Thailand.

Our services have helped many businesses through the process of application, registration and BOI approval. 

Besides guiding businesses to getting BOI approved we can help with a number of BOI related services which include but are not limited to:

  • Application & approval for foreign residence permits.
  • Application & approval of workpermits.
  • Application & approval for machinery master lists.
  • Application & approval for equipment master lists.
  • Application & approval of tax exemption for machinery.
  • Application & approval of tax exemption for materials.
  • Application & approval of changing production capacity.
  • Advice regarding the possibility of obtaining BOI benefits.
  • Feasibility study.
  • Application & approval of production processes.
  • Application & approval of refunds regarding machinery.
  • Application & approval of refunds regarding materials.
  • Application & approval of refunds regarding re-location.
  • Application & approval of licensing.
  • Application & approval for cancellation of BOI status or projects.
  • Application & approval of non-regular processes.
  • Preparation or review of BOI application form.
  • Assistance in discussions with BOI officers.

BOI Thailand Benefits

The BOI (Board of Investment), is a promotional government agency under the office of the Prime Minister. The government actively subsidizes and promotes incentives for foreign businesses willing to open and operate in the Kingdom of Thailand. Its main roles and responsibilities are to promote investment and grow local knowledge and skill by having local workers be employed and learn from international companies.

BOI Thailand encourages foreign businesses to invest in several specific activities and investment zones. To incentivise foreign companies to settle and do business in Thailand there are many BOI privileges for those companies who are accredited by the BOI and have investments in Thailand.

BOI Registered Company Benefits

  • Permission to own land.
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • Work permits & visa.
  • Exemption of import duty*
  • Corporate tax exemption**
  • Deduction of electricity costs.
  • Deduction of water costs.
  • Deduction of project infrastructure installation.
  • Permission for foreign experts and their spouce or dependants to stay in Thailand.

* Exemption of import duty on machinery, raw and essential materials used in the manufacturing of export products for 5 year.
** Corporate tax exemption up to 8 years.

BOI & Non BOI Visa and Work Permits

Whether your company is BOI accredited or not, your international employees will need a visa and work permit to legally reside and work in Thailand. Having employees work without the correct documentation can lead to hefty fines and incarseration for botyh the employee and the employer. 

Applying for visas and workpermits can be a difficult task in any country. Knowing which govenment bodies to contact, which documents to present and ensuring all documents get approved by the right government bodies in order for the application to be approved can become even more worrysome when there’s also a language barrier. 

Egent can help your business and personell with obtaining BOI and non-BOI workpermits and visas for your workforce. Our native Thai team has been dealing with this process for many years and our bilingual staff makes it easy for you to communicate your concerns and wishes on one hand and get your employees legally “work-ready” on the other.


Workpermit & Visa Aquisition Services

  • Work Permit Aquisition (DWP)
    (BOI & Non-BOI Workpermits)

  • Workpermit Extension.
    (BOI & Non-BOI Workpermits)

  • 90 Day Reporting.
    (BOI & Non-BOI Workpermits)

  • Re-entry Permits.
    (BOI & Non-BOI Workpermits)
  • Visa Aquisition
    (BOI & Non-BOI Visas)

  • Visa Extension
    (BOI & Non-BOI Visas)

  • Visa Cancellation.
    (BOI & Non-BOI Visas)

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